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When our consumers start to cooperate with our company, we make everything possible to satisfy their demands and to make our cooperation as much convenient as possible. That is why we provide various payment methods, among which are:

  1. Western Union
    (thousands of our clients choose it among other payment methods after placing orders)
  2. Money Gram
    (It is the second provider of money transfer among the largest companies and it can satisfy requirements both for individuals and businesses.)
  3. Bank Transfer
    (you can use bank transfer in case you want to pay for your order in one of the locals banks or you also is able to use the Internet banking without leaving home)
  4. Bitcoin
    (paying in bitcoins are desirable method among a wide range of users and we also accept it. You can choose it among other payment methods. We take into account the changeability of bitcoins and that is why don’t forget to pay various fees)

Usually it takes 2-3 days we’ll get your payment and after that we ship your order. If it is necessary to make this process quicker, use an urgent bank transfer.

4-AcO-DMT vendor informs its consumers that there is no accept credit card and our company does not accept PayPal. All prices are in US dollars. 


4-AcO-DMT vendor works quickly and guarantee to deliver your order right after the receiving of your payment. Shipping costs have already enclosed to the cost of items. You can choose desirable delivery method and country from which your order will be shipped: around the US (2-3 days) and from China (6-7 days).

Among available methods of shipping your order safety and quickly there are:

  • EMS
  • DHL
  • Fedex 

Confidentiality and Guarantees

4-AcO-DMT vendor respects the confidentiality of every client who decided to cooperate with our company with the purpose of purchasing research chemicals. 

4-AcO-DMT vendor appreciates consumer’s privacy policy and makes everything possible to protect your personal data. In addition, we do not use corresponding history and other personal data which was received when the order was placed.